Health Centre Bergmannstraße

Bergmannstr 01 © Nöfer Architects
Bergmannstr 02 © Nöfer Architects
Bergmannstr 03 © Nöfer Architects
Bergmannstr 07 © Nöfer Architects
Bergmannstr 08 © Nöfer Architects

When the area around busy Bergmannstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg was first developed, a gap was left in the otherwise homogeneous streetscape – a gap now filled by the new Health Centre. Tobias Nöfer and Georg Graetz saw the project to completion and also designed the building’s façade towards Bergmannstraße. A tall central portico defines its tripartite structure, taking up the proportions of the surrounding architecture, too. Since the portico marks the entrance to the courtyard level and to public spaces such as lobby and staircase, premium materials were used for its columns and walls. The building’s façade is designed to harmonize with the streetscape while at the same time making its own mark. Although in terms of engineering and technology the building is at the cutting edge, the design clearly references the architecture of Berlin’s 1920s modernist style, as represented by the transformer station by Hans Heinrich Müller in the courtyard built in 1929.

Wabe Bauentwicklung GmbH

Project stages1 - 5, Architectural directors
Time frame2006 – 2008
Gross Floor Area20,000 sqm
Costs22.0 million EUR
SiteBergmannstr. 5
10961 Berlin