Medical Centre Brunnenstraße

AerztehausBrunnenstr 001 © Nöfer Architects
AerztehausBrunnenstr 100 © Nöfer Architects
AerztehausBrunnenstr 3 © Nöfer Architects
AerztehausBrunnenstr 4 © Nöfer Architects
AerztehausBrunnenstr 5 © Nöfer Architects
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AerztehausBrunnenstrasse aufsicht © Nöfer Architects
AerztehausBrunnenstrasse lageplan © Nöfer Architects

This project unites three different functions: on the ground floor there is a pharmacy, the first to fourth floors house medical practices, and on the two top floors there are private residences with large terraces. The building fills the gap torn by World War II on the corner of Brunnenstraße/Anklamer Straße and integrates well with the surrounding area, which has experienced a real boom since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The tranquil stucco façades that characterize most of the architecture in this area are here given a new interpretation. Large windows with low sills pleasantly link the rooms of the medical centre with the outside. Situated on Brunnenstraße, the entrance is marked by a double-height arch. A clearly articulated cornice above the fourth floor reflects the building’s interior organization and integrates the façade with the surrounding five-storey buildings. The 3.7-metre pillar of solid granite on the corner makes the pharmacy premises on the ground floor appear larger and lends support to the medical centre’s unique character.

Ärztehaus Brunnenstraße Berlin-Mitte Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH

Project stages1 - 5
Time frame2007 – 2012
Gross Floor Area2,400 sqm
Costs3.0 million EUR
SiteBrunnenstr. 160
10115 Berlin