Spree One

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The SPREE ONE project is sited where the Spree River and the Landwehr Canal meet in the northern part of Berlin’s district of Charlottenburg. Comprising 220 private apartments, office and retail space as well as a children’s day care centre, the new building replaces its 1960s predecessor, which uses the entirety of the site. The meandering shape of the new architecture opens up the site and redefines the surrounding urban space: A ten-storey section along Landwehr Canal closes the gap between the Spreeresidenzen ensemble and the administrative building across the road to the east. To the west, a garden will replace the dilapidated multi-storey car park. Another garden will be planted on the roof of the east-facing retail spaces along Dovestrasse. Bands of yellow brick alternating with rendered string courses accentuate the façades’ horizontal articulation. Projecting balconies enhance the architecture’s gestural expression. The main façade of the new building is set back from the street and aligned with Cauerstrasse, which is only 650 metres long. This gives Cauerstrasse a visually satisfying termination while at the same time “borrowing” it to provide the new building with a generous approach.

Optima Center Charlottenburg, Quintas mbH & Co.KG

Project stages1-5
Time frame2014 – 2017
Gross Floor Area20.500 sqm
SiteDovestrasse 1,3 and 5
10578 Berlin