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Brusnika Russland

Urban Block Collection

In the Urban Block Collection competition tendered by Russian developer Brusnika, Nöfer Architekten emerged as the winning architectural office. At the moment, the scope of planning covers a residential block and a high-rise building in Novosibirsk and a residential quarter comprising four blocks with several high-rises in Ekaterinburg. Brusnika is seeking to combine the Russian tradition of prefabricated building with the functional and formal principles of European cities. A range of typologies is planned, including high-rise buildings of varying proportions which are to be integrated into the urban fabric in a way supportive of existing urban environments scaled to human dimensions. Optimized modules and grids allow composing blocks that articulate clearly recognizable public and private spaces while their functions give rise to a lively, animated public space. The upper storeys will comprise private flats of various sizes for all kinds of household. The façades consist of a well-defined spectrum of elements designed to create an agreeable sense of variety. Each building will be individually recognizable by a distinctive identity of its own. This approach permits meeting the enormous demand for housing in Russia for the years to come without revisiting the aesthetic monotony and poor quality of older panel buildings.


LLC Brusnika Design

Project phase

Project stage 1–3 (facades)

Time frame

2018 - 2020


Nowosibirsk       35.000 sqm
Jekaterinenburg  68.000 sqm


Residential quarter, st. Zyryanovskaya, october district, Novosibirsk
Residential quarter, st. Chelyuskintsev, Zheleznodorozhny district, Ekaterinburg


Nöfer Architekten

Brusnika Russland Yekaterinburg
Brusnika Russland Yekaterinburg