Nöfer Architekten


Managing Partner:

Dipl.- Ing. Ar­chi­tect To­bi­as Nöfer

Staff at present: 25, including

  • Architects: 23
    (including 2 fire safety experts, 1 art historian)
  • Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ve staff: 2

Technical equipment:

  • Fully equipped with CAD system
  • Di­gi­ta­l visualization software, 3D-​ani­ma­tio­n, film
  • Database communication software to ensure efficient practice management, CRM, project management, controlling, and tender, award, and invoicing processes (german: AVA)
  • Di­gi­ta­l archive


  • Urban design and architecture concepts and studies
  • Architecture services in all Project Phases as defined by the German architects’ fee regulations (HOAI)
  • Focus on Project Phases 1–5 providing premium architecture on time within budget, wide-ranging knowledge of planning and building regulations
  • Project Phases 6–9 for projects of up to 5 million EUR
  • Ge­ne­ral­ planning on request, in collaboration with one of our partner planning practices