Nöfer Architekten

Beuth-Hof South

The five buildings on the south side of the Beuth-Hof ensemble complete this project of eleven townhouses built on a site on the former Berlin Wall border strip. This final section was planned and built in collaboration with Kahlfeldt Architekten and Oda Pälmke. Although the apartment buildings are linked by a shared courtyard, each has its own, distinctive design. The houses at the rear of the courtyard, designed by Nöfer Architekten, are notable for their numerous loggias. These articulate the facade structure in a series of projections and setbacks, emphasize the south-looking exterior living spaces, and provide a clear profile to the garden front. Tall round arches mark the entrances to the otherwise rather introverted base of the building, which accommodates various service rooms.
The individual buildings all have a distinctive character of their own; together they form a new, multifaceted neighbourhood that references the traditional middle-class apartment buildings of central Berlin.


Groth Gruppe

Project phase

HOAI 1-5

Time frame

2012 - 2014


17,900 (total) sqm


19 million (total) EUR


Beuthstraße 1-2 /
Seydelstraße 12-13
10117 Berlin


Nöfer Architekten | Maximilian Meisse