Nöfer Architekten

Heydt 1

This residential building with shops on the ground floor is strikingly situated near Berlin’s Tiergarten park. Its windows offer views of Landwehr canal and the stately Villa von der Heydt. The building’s unique character derives from its conical ground plan. With its tall, rounded frontage, the east-facing corner juts towards the canal and the rooms in this part of the building seem to curve out into the spectacular view. The main entrance is also located at this end, where a sequence of lobbies takes residents to the lift serving their wing; access to the residential units is via open galleries facing into a green and leafy atrium. Round balconies clinging to the exterior façades like swallow’s nests allow residents a privileged view of what goes on in the street below. On the fifth floor, a west-facing roof garden open to all residents looks out over the neighbourhood’s rooftops.


Groth Gruppe

Project phase

HOAI 1-4, Artistic management

Time frame

2012 - 2014


8,000 sqm


Von der Heydt Straße 1
10785 Berlin


Nöfer Architekten | Maximilian Meisse