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Fasanenstrasse 64

The residential area around Fasanenstrasse with its elegant mansions only came into existence towards the end of the nineteenth century when Chancellor Bismarck decided to have Kurfürstendamm transformed into a Paris-style boulevard. To its south, the symmetrical layout of streets known as a “Carstenn figure” and consisting of a central avenue surrounded by four squares – Fa­sa­nen­platz, Nürn­ber­ger Platz, Pra­ger Platz, and Ni­kols­bur­ger Platz – is a vestige of the original plan devised by Johann Anton Wilhelm von Carstenn. This also involved the construction of residential buildings combining the features of country and town houses. The section of Fasanenstrasse between Kur­fürs­ten­damm and Fa­sa­nen­platz has kept the feel of an urbanized rural area. Our design for No. 64 takes up the theme of fluctuating typologies by proposing a town house with rural elements. A loggia motif with five bays divided by Tuscan columns has been adapted to the depth of the street façade and is applied on four storeys. This element is supported by a two-storey base faced in Turkish travertine, the stone also used for the columns. For the main entrance, the wall curves inwards to form a semi-domed recess decorated with gold mosaic. A smaller version of the semi-dome appears in the lobby, where a statue stands in a niche. From here you can either continue towards the rear wing or ascend to the upper floors. While its columns and the obliquely protruding balconies introduce new architectural elements to Fasanenstrasse, the façade’s materials and articulation ensure its smooth integration with the street’s row of opulent residential buildings.


PRIMUS Immobilien AG

Project phases

HOAI 2 - 5, Artistic Management

Time frame

2019 - 2023


4.800 qm


10719 Berlin


Maximilian Meisse  | Eve Images (Visualization)