Nöfer Architekten


Previously an experimental field operated by Technische Universität Berlin, the site has a pastoral air belied by its location within the city limits, which has had developers vying for building permission for years. The project was developed by Nöfer Architekten in collaboration with Höhne Architekten and Wiegand-Hoffmann-Architekten for Groth Gruppe. Sixty-four townhouses and nine apartment buildings are grouped around a landscaped garden that defines the new development’s unique character. The overall architectural harmony is enhanced by decorative elements such as the combination of white stucco and red brick, which forges a visual link between the new buildings and the English-style brick of the 1920s university buildings across the road.


Groth Gruppe

Project phase

HOAI 1-4, Project coordination Masterplan

Time frame

2008 - 2012


22,500 sqm


33 million EUR


Lentzeallee 76 - 80
14195 Berlin


Nöfer Architekten