Nöfer Architekten

Villa Westfalen

The home of a family of five, Villa Westfalen is situated in a prime location next to a large park. Mature trees surrounded by rhododendrons separate the two-storey building with its large roof from the road. The idea was to plan a stately but unpretentious house harmonizing with its immediate setting and its environs. For this reason, substantial elements such as the swimming pool, the wine cellar and wine tasting room, and the garage space have been moved underground. A terraced area with steps continuing the central line of the swimming pool provides it with natural light and allows direct access to the garden.

The facade of the house consists of a double-shell brick wall covered in light-grey rendering with a scraped finish; the window surrounds are of finish plaster. A tiled roof with deep eaves and a plinth of nidged limestone form the top and bottom of the building. Exterior window shutters provide protection from the sun and, along with the white grilles and frames of the windows, give the house a timeless elegance.



Project phase

HOAI 1-5

Time frame

2014 - 2018


860 sqm




Maximilian Meisse