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Dortmunder Strasse

When elegant townhouses began to spring up in the former grounds of the Borsig factory in the early twentieth century, it was clear that this part of Berlin had become a good address. Even today, its situation on the Spree River, with Tiergarten park and the new government district nearby, its array of handsome buildings, and its harmonious social mix make Westfälisches Viertel an attractive residential area. In and around Dortmunder Strasse, many buildings in a style typical of Berlin  – with pale rendering, tall storeys, and beautifully articulated façades – have survived. The area also provides many examples of Berlin-style apartment buildings erected around 1900, recognizable by their balanced façade proportions, prominent plinths, splendid entrances, and fine bossage work. In such a context, the architects’ best and, indeed, only option is to adapt to the surroundings. The new volume, consisting of a main wing and a south-looking side wing, was therefore designed to slot smoothly into the plot, which is bounded by fire walls on three sides. While materials such as white rendering for the façade and warm-hued stone for the plinth and portal are inspired by the neighbouring architectures, the new building’s distinctive façade details reveal its newness.


JAAS Gruppe GmbH

Project stages

HOAI 1 - 4, Reference details

Time frame

2019 - 2021


11.338 qm


Dortmunder Straße 14, 10555 Berlin


JAAS Gruppe GmbH