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Le Flair Düsseldorf

A new residential development is taking shape close to Düsseldorf’s city centre on the site of the former Derendorf freight depot. With its juxtaposition of rented and owned apartments as well as mixed commercial and residential uses, it fulfils a wide range of urban functions. Nöfer Architekten contributed designs for ten townhouses, the building on the northwest corner, and the gatehouse giving access to Maurice-Ravel-Park via a central arch flanked by columns. All architects involved in the project met in a workshop to develop a catalogue of common design principles; this provided the basis for the definition of two types of stucco facade, both delicately profiled but expressing different themes. The basic structure consists of a two-storey plinth, topped by a four-storey shaft bordered by a clearly articulated cornice, and a setback. On the ground floor, front gardens define the gap between private dwelling and public pavement. The townhouses dotting Maurice-Ravel-Park are sheltered from urban noise and bustle.


HIP Le Quartier Central 5 (fünf) GmbH & Co.KG

Project phase

HOAI 1-3

Time frame

2009 - 2012


6,400 sqm


9.5 million EUR


formerly Derendorfer Güterbahnhof


Nöfer Architekten