Nöfer Architekten

Mauerpark Block B

The dimensions of the new residential buildings in the Mauerpark’s Block B correspond harmoniously with the urban planning concept developed for the quarter. Particularly appealing is the alternation between four- and five-storey units and the resulting tiered and projecting elements. Each entrance is accentuated by a portico or avant-corps and leads to an impressive lobby. This arrangement clearly distinguishes the individual units, lending the block the appearance of a series of adjoining urban villas, each with its own address. The facades owe their fine relief to gentle projections and recesses. Pilaster strips and string courses lend tectonic structure to the walls, while openings provide a rhythmic effect. These elements continue in detail what the overall plan achieves on a larger scale. Above the brickwork plinth, the building’s wall surfaces are rendered with a thick layer of stucco with a scraped finish. Most windows are surrounded by a smoothly rendered edging, which in its interplay with the dark window frames lends the building a distinguished appearance. The yellow brick on the ground floor ensures a significant haptic quality and increases the resilience of the more exposed areas while conveying a sense of elaborate craftsmanship.


Groth und -invest Elfte GmbH & Co. Gleimstraße KG

Project phase

HOAI 1-4, Reference details

Time frame

2013 - 2017


14,000 sqm


Lichtburgring, 10434 Berlin


Nöfer Architekten | Maximilian Meisse