Nöfer Architekten


The WerkbundStadt represents a new form of urban quarter based on the Werkbund’s historic concepts but reaching beyond their purely residential focus with a far more urban approach. The site is an inner-city property currently used as a fuel depot. More than thirty architects are submitting three designs each, of which one will be chosen from each contributor to become part of the realised project. The structure of the urban townhouses submitted by Noefer Architekten is to be as simple and at the same time as generous as possible, capable of being adapted to future functions that we cannot even envision today. While one part of the ground floor will consist of a plinth holding various low-ceilinged multi-purpose rooms, another part will integrate the floor above it to provide tall and lofty commercial spaces. The absolute flexibility of use is contrasted by the architectural expression of the facades. The pilaster strips above the massive ground floor accentuate verticality at the new quarter’s corner plot. Pointed arches enhance the plinth’s weighty solidity.


Werkbund e.V.

Time frame

2016 - 2050


Quedlinburger Straße
Berlin 10589


Nöfer Architekten