Nöfer Architekten

Chausseestrasse 121

After the original building was destroyed in World War II, the site on Chausseestraße 121 remained vacant. One reason for this was architectural: the long firewall adjoining the site to the south seemed to pose insurmountable problems. But there was an historical reason, too: one hundred years ago the building had housed the legal practice of Karl and Theodor Liebknecht, and the East German regime erected a monument commemorating the two socialist lawyers and politicians. Although the inscription seems quaint to modern eyes, the monument will remain, merely being moved aside to make room for the new building.The new building closes the gap on Chausseestraße. A wing extending from its centre reaches back into the site, which marches with the Dorotheenstädtische Cemetery on the west. Apart from four retail units, the building will accommodate ninety-one small private apartments aimed at urban residents’ smaller households. The street facade takes up a characteristic element of the surrounding architecture: the building’s four bays are accentuated by bow windows that structure the wide front horizontally and, together with an intricate surface articulation of string courses and pilasters, creates a well-balanced visual impact suitable for both the location and the function of the building.


HOCHTIEF Solutions AG formart Berlin-Brandenburg

Project phase

HOAI 1-4

Time frame

2011 - 2013


12,200 sqm


12.4 million EUR


Chausseestraße 121-122
10115 Berlin


Nöfer Architekten | Maximilian Meisse